Finnish Game Jam 2015

Design and develop a game in just a weekend at the Finnish Game Jam!

WHAT: Finnish Game Jam 2015
WHERE: Ludocraft's office, Kasarmintie 23
WHEN: January 23 (~18:00) to January 25 (~12:00)
BRING: Laptop, pen & paper, towel(?)
ALSO: FGJ Gala on February 14th. Details pending.

Finnish Game Jam is a part of the Global Game Jam event, during which people all over the world develop games in small teams. FGJ Oulu is taking part for the 5th year now, so if you've never been game jamming, now's the time! This year FGJ is held on January 23 - 25, 2015. Doors open approximately at 18:00, the event ends on Sunday at ~12:00. We'll let you know the exact times later.

This year the site is located at Ludocraft's ( premises (Kasarmintie 23, Oulu). There are small shops nearby, and the site even has a sauna (!!).

There is no entrance fee - all you need is your own computer and/or pen & paper (and a towel if you want to go to the sauna!). The teams are formed on-site after the theme has been published and the games have been pitched.

This event is for people interested in programming, 2D/3D art, and sound effects/music. You don't need to be an experienced jammer or game developer - you only need to have some basic knowledge about one (or more) of the previously mentioned fields and a willingness to learn. We've experimented with "mentors" before, which basically means that if there is a need, we try to pair experienced jammers with newbies. This does not mean you get your personal teacher for the weekend - the point is that you're in a team with someone who can point you in the right direction.

Please register at If the registration has closed but you want to take part, don't worry - just come to the site and we'll sort everything out.

Check out FGJ's website to see what is happening at other sites in Finland:
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